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  • Securely Automate, Track, and Manage Document Deliveries from your desktop or line of business application (IBM i , SAP, Oracle, etc.)

  • Meet your compliance needs with our detailed transaction audit logs.

  • Automate secure messaging - Fully integrate your line of business application by using our Web-services APIs.

  • Use our Common Browser Interface as a portal for all your Enterprise Messaging (Fax, Email, SMS, Secure Messaging)

  • Central Portal (See All Messaging Activity)

  • Web Browser-Based Access With Secure Login

  • Monitoring & Alerts - For Key Indicators

  • Data Encryption & Secure Messaging 

  • Audit & Compliance

  • OCR & Bar Code Processing

  • Intelligent Workflow & Routing

  • Codeless Integration

Features & Key Benefits Include

Cloud Fax.  It's what we do.

US +1 (800) 429-8983

UK +44 (0) 20 8972 1390​

Celebrating 33 Years of Success!


In response to the critical need for SECURITY in today’s information landscape, International Presence is proud to announce the release of SECURE MESSAGING SUITE*. 

Today organizations send and receive business critical transaction messages in a variety of ways (Email, Fax, SMS, Webservices). Enterprises urgently need a centralized messaging solution that helps them quickly and proactively manage their business critical messaging activities.  With our 30+ years’ in the Enterprise Messaging business, we have used our know-how and expertise and developed our leading-edge Message Processing Solution (iMPS).  

(*Existing customers can now upgrade to the latest
​edition which includes the new Secure Messaging Suite.)