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Development:  Using PRESENCE, our team of professional Developers can often develop the applications you require faster than with traditional hard-coded methods. Many of our customers ask us to build the framework of their applications for them and then leave their Team to make small modifications and improvements as required. This provides them with the dual benefits of receiving ROI from their new applications quickly and giving them the flexibility and ability to 'tune' their applications to achieve maximum results into the future.

Consultancy:  We offer a comprehensive, professional consultancy services to clients and prospects alike. Our consulting services centre around improving business performance with PRESENCE. We can project manage the entire process, providing project managers, educators and consultants as the project progresses. All our consultants have high levels of expertise in the application of PRESENCE across all relevant industry and public sector environments. Contact us now and discover just how PRESENCE can transform your business.

Healthchecks:  The performance of your PRESENCE Solutions may be improved with an occasional Healthcheck by our team of Developers. They are experts at spotting opportunities to improve the structure of your applications, eliminate any accidental bottlenecks and optimize performance in all areas. A complete System Healthcheck can take between half a day to three days, depending on the size and number of PRESENCE applications you are running within your organization.

Proof Of Concept:  If you are currently facing any IT or business challenges, let us demonstrate the value of our solutions to you with a free proof of concept. Simply tell one of our Consultants about a challenge you are facing and let us demonstrate what we are capable of and how our technology could help you overcome it, with no obligations at all.

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